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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  April 12, 2013 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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weekend. >> dana is on "redeye". >> bob: you know all showed up here to see you. they did. have a great weekend. bye! >> bret: administration warns negotiations while down playing its own new jersey that they already have a nuclear warhead by a ballistic missile. this is special report. >> bret: good evening, i'm bret baier. north korean leader has his financinger on the button but what is on the other end of the button has the obama administration arguing with itself. u.s. intelligence say he may have a nuclear weapon and the system to deliver it. many in the administration are scrambling to disagree. we have fox team coverage.
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ed henry tells us about the nuclear intelligence damage control, but we begin with greg palkot in seoul, south korea where diplomacy is the order of the day. >> reporter: it is saturday morning here in seoul. secretary of state kerry is in town. he is on mission and time is running out. >> secretary of state john kerry flew into the eye of the geopolitical storm with meetings with president and foreign minister. he had one clear message for the young leader of negoti in kim jong un. >> it is a huge mistake for him to choose to do that because it will further isolate this country and further isolate his people who frankly are desperate for food, not missile launches. >> reporter: in pyongyang, they
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are preparing for celebrations and while u.s. official said a launch did not appear imminent but they said all stiss are go. they say they would never abandon the nuclear program. they say u.s. would defend itself and its allies and north korea would be defeated. >> we are all united in the act that north korea will not be accepted as a nuclear power. >> reporter: also in town today, in a sign of international concern, the secretary-general of nato. >> we are watching with great concern the series of statements missile launches and nuclear tests. they pose a serious threat to a region and international peace, security and stability. >> reporter: during his meetings in seoul, secretary kerry had to
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deal a possible softening of tone. >> we hope that north korea responds to the south korean government's efforts to build trust through dialogue. >> reporter: they agreed in principle in the talks and in both cases they come with diplomatic strings attached. north korea getting in line with international agreements reigning in their nuablg program. >> kerry next goes on to china close ally, it's crucial to get pyongyang to get them back in line and directly in the path of a possible missile launch something that jury trying to avoid. >> bret: greg palkot, thank you. now back here at home where the administration is trying to get you to disregard what its own intelligence says about just how dangerous north korea may be. here is chief white house correspondent ed henry. >> as president obama and
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national security team brace for a possible nuclear test by north korea this weekend, white house officials were scrambling to reassure the american public they don't believe they have nuclear weapons that are ready for use. >> it is our assessment that north korea has not demonstrated the capability to deploy a nuclear missile. >> that came after a shocking exchange. when a congressman questioned the joint chiefs chairman about the agency assessment. >> quoting from the unclassified portion which i believe is not yet been made public, they say, quote, d.i.a. assesses with moderate that the north has capable weapons by ballistic missiles but the reliability will be low. general, would you agree with that assessment by them? >> congressman with the number of caveats that you put on the
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front end of this, i can't touch that one because i'm not sure -- it hasn't been released. some of it's classified and some not. the declaration that they believe north korea has nuclear weapons immediately set off alarm bells. it turns out there was confusion about what was unclassified. so james clapper, director of national intelligence had to do some quick damage control declaring in a statement, quote, north korea has not yet demonstrated the full range of capabilities necessary for a nuclear armed missile. as the white house has ramped up missile defenses and made other moves to protect a possible attack by north korea, some critics are charging the administration is not paying nearly enough attention to iran. >> north korea is a problem, but iran is the immediate threat. it's kind of like, if your house so fire and you call 911, you want the fireman to come to your house and not go to your neighbor's house. >> white house officials knows it was top of his agenda to
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israel last month. >> i would say, we have not taken any focus of iran. >> yesterday defense secretary chuck hagel suggested that iran and north korea are pretty equal threats. neither has nuclear weapons yet but both are trying and could you can succeed which is why hagel said it's very dangerous situation. >> bret: thank you. there are a lot of concerns right now about big brother and big government. that leads us tonight to big data. katherine heritage on finding what may be the next big threat to your privacy. >> reporter: utah, 25 miles due south of salt lake city, a massive construction project is nearing completion. the heavily secured site belongs to the nsa, the locals call it the spy center. nsa says the utah data center is facility that will have major focus on cyber security they
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will not confirm specifics. some reports say it could hold. >> one data byte is equivalent of 62 billion iphones. we asked the man in charge of the agency about it. >> the utah data center will hold the data of american citizens? >> no. we don't hold data on u.s. citizens. people are going to say that. protecting your civil liberties is the most important thing they do. >> reporter: we weren't given access to the utah facility but we could see it from the sky. >> we're 500 feet over the impact data center. nsa says we need to keep the country safe. it's front and center of the liberty and security and privacy. >> it raises serious questions about the vast amount of data
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from many, many different sources. >> whistle-blower says americans should be concerned about letting the government go too far in the name of security. >> you have a perfect surveillance stated. that is george orwell, 1984. >> nsa whistle-blower says it's about the possibility that this data could be abused. >> that is the real danger because, it really a turn key situation where it could be turned quickly and to talian state pretty quickly. the capacity to do that is being set up. >> reporter: a senior official says the agency has specific rules for collecting analyzing and retaining information but the nsa can't discuss this because they are classified. critics say it's a lot of trust to put into one institution. >> bret: very interesting. please join us sunday night for the special presentation for cyber security.
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john roberts hosts. you can see it 9:00 p.m. eastern. >> now for some old-fashioned snooping. james rosen brings us up to speed that involves a tape-recording a left wing magazine, young democrats in kentucky and the f.b.i. and the top republican in the united states senate. >> reporter: who recorded mitch mccontinue talking with senate staff during a strategy session in their office on february 2nd and who leaked the tape to the liberal magazine mother jones which published portions of it on tuesday, they have questioned two men. one is shawn riley an activist here is attending the convention as a delegate. another is official from jefferson county. conway told fox news that riley the founder of a local super pac and reputed associate curtis morrison had bragged about
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making the recording within a day after the conversation had occurred. >> they directly admitted to you they tape-recorded senator mcconnell and campaign aides in those campaign headquarters? >> they told me they were there. they told me they were in the hallway. they had a recording. you can draw your own conclusions. >> at the time, conway said he hadn't spoken to f.b.i. but by the evening they changed. >> they overheard the conversation and so offended by the disgusting conversation that was taking place, they decided to report it. i told the f.b.i. everything i told you, everything i told cnn, everything i told every other reporter has decided i'm newsworthy. >> his attorney told the website thinks client is cooperating as a witness and not a target. they quoted the attorney as saying riley and morrison were in the building but never entered senator's office. >> it's only again to draw attention to the divisions
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within the opposition from mcconnell and the less than fully reputeable ways they have acted. >> the attorney told an affiliate among the material assistance has provided to the u.s. attorney's office is help in locating curtis morrison who so far has not spoken publicly. in an interview, they now suggests he may have been mistaken as naming shawn riley that were involved with the taping. >> bret: thank you. is the government covering up the existence of extra terrestrials. what some important people are doing about it. is the obama administration trying to cover up big problems with obamacare? all stations come over to mission a for a final go.
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>> bret: the president's pointed person on healthcare reform is defending obamacare tonight.
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jim angle tells us what is going wrong and what is being said. >> we will be open for open enrollment, october 1st. >> that is after delaying parts of healthcare law and requests for additional money on the top of $1.3 trillion to implement it. kathleen sebelius assured lawmakers they will proceed on time even though they need more money. >> if the president's budget seeks $1.5 billion more, including adding new irs employees to ensure americans comply with the new taxes and mandates. >> we need more doctors, he said not more irs agents but democrats blamed the costs not on the program but on republicans. >> we know you don't have the resources you need and the job has been made harder by false and misleading attacks by opponents. >> democratic lawmakers argued that even the law hasn't taken
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effect it has reduced costs. >> it's been going down now for three years. there is some evidence that in part, it's because of healthcare reform. >> there is a very, very positive story to tell on cost reductions. >> reporter: but many believe a slowdown is reflection on bad economy and high unemployment. >> it's clear if you can't find full time work and you can't feed your kids, my guess is you are not going to the doctor. that is what more likely slowed the growth. >> reporter: at the same time they show insurance premiums on the rise. >> when i talk to my small business owners back in my district, they are talking about preem yums up 35%. aetna warned that premiums would doubling. >> and the impact of affordable care act on jobs. >> car dealer in my town, 168
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employees, because of the aca, because of the aca, 166 of those employees will be moved from full time to part time, 28 hours a week. >> and he said the owner of several burger kings moved all but five of nine employees to part time. it allows insurers to charge them 50% more, they decided to treat smoking in district of columbia as a preexisting condition meaning non-smokers will bare any higher costs. >> bret: dow's winning streak ends at four. they lost .8 of a point. s&p 500 dropped and nasdaq fell 5. some rain must fall but if you live in maryland or handful of other places you may have to pay taxes on it. we're not kidding. molly henneberg is here with the amazing story.
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>> molly: if you live in one of the nine largest counties in maryland and if your home has a roof or driveway or any kind of surface that does not absorb rainfall, get ready to pay a so-called rain tax starting july 1st. these types of fees are more common, cities in illinois and other states have started levying them because the environment al protection agency imposed new limits on storm runoff. the epa may not have the authority to do that, maryland is trying to push to meet the new standards. obama administration did not provide any federal funding so maryland taxpayers will have to foot the bill. new rain tax will cost the average homeowner a $50-200 a year. >> it's a large shopping center where you have a big parking lot the impervious surface tax, it will be more than the property
3:19 pm
tax is. so the only option is to pass the costs along to tenants and all goods and services in the state of maryland will go up in cost. >> molly: when it passed a new pollution standards for chesapeake bay, epa said, quote, it will have significant benefits far beyond the chesapeake itself, helping to clean rivers and other waterways that help support local economies and things like fishing and swimming and server as drinking water sources. how will the state determine how many surfaces it's citizens have? satellite imagery from all the eyes in the sky. >> bret: thank you. still ahead, they followed all the rules to come to america and home-schooled their children. so why does the government wanted to throw them out? first bizarre request to replace theo chavez in venezuela. are a bit under sized then this will be a nice surprise.
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>>. >> bret: syrian government forces are trying to retake a province, homs province that has been captured by rebel forces, rebels are advancing in the region between the jordanian border and capital of damascus. >> four more f-16 fighter jets are on their way to egypt sparking renewed calls for an end to military aide. it's part of a foreign aid package signed in 2010 but mohammed morsi has criticized the u.s. for supporting israel. 12 have been sent this year. >> polls show the race tightening to be the new president in venezuela. steve harrigan on the unusual
3:24 pm
fight to succeed a most unusual figure. >> reporter: brief campaign to replace hugo chavez has been loud, bitter and weird. acting president as hand picked successor, claims mercenaries backed by u.s. officials tried to assassinate him. american scientists i knock kliatd chavez with cancer. inside the chapel a little bird flew around him, a bird that was in fact the spiritual reincarnation of hu govern chavez. >> how happy chavez must be looking down from heaven, leading us to victory. >> reporter: magical birds and assassination plotted may prove more effective on the campaign trail after 14 years of years of hugo chavez, shortages of basic items like sugar, meat and electricity in a nation with the
3:25 pm
largest oil reserves in the world. a state governor who lost to chavez six months ago by 11 points, now has to beat his ghost. ghost. maduro's campaign slogan, i am [ male announcer ] what are happy kids made of?
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>> bret: by contrast the political belief of equality and personal freedom for everyone changing the current system to increase government protection for civil liberties. the outraged mom described the school superintendent as very sympathetic.
3:32 pm
administrator issued a statement saying she regrets any disapproval of this particular assignment. now, a friday follow, the career criminal who stole president obama's teleprompter will have time to work on his speaking skills. eric brown has been sentenced to seven years in prison. he admitted stealing several trucks including an unmarked vehicle loaded with said teleprompter and laptop and podiums with presidential seals. the truck was recovered empty. several of the items later turned up at pawn shops. >> an interesting story now featuring some emotional issues. religion, freedom, education, children and whether playing by the rules in america is worth it anymore. here is correspondent doug mckelway. >> reporter: while the white house and much of conscious pushes citizenship for immigrants that cross the border illegal think.
3:33 pm
they followed all the rules but now face deportation. they home-schooled their six children in tennessee. >> it's illegal to do that, it's a crime you don't have to freedom to home school your children in germany. >> the justice department intervened roo rools ruled that they can't seek citizenship and ordered them deported. they appealing the ruling before the sixth circuit court of appeals. defense association will represent them. it sees their denial of asylum as fundamental threat to freedom. >> in this particular case there is human rights standards and our constitutional rights. if our government takes the position that home schooling is not a human right, it can give the basis for asylum it mate not be a constitutional right for them as well. >> reporter: immigration experts differ as to whether their polite meets the criteria.
3:34 pm
>> germany has chosen not to permit home schooling as one of options. germans have a chance to change that through their legislature. in the meantime, it doesn't exist and not persecution. >> the administration has a wide variety of options at their disposal that ranges from granting asylum to defining any reaction to remove these people. >> to grant the family permanent legal status has garnered over 100,000 signatures, a threshold that requires comment from the administration. >> if the petition gets enough signatures, white house staff will make sure it's sent to appropriate officials. >> they face not just fines but potential removal of their children from their custody. they say that amounts to percent kuilgs. >> bret: what do you think? do you think the family should be allowed to stay? let me know on twitter. the murder trial of a philadelphia abortion trial
3:35 pm
resumes on monday. they heard a clinic worker that seemed to be live births of babies that were then killed. the defense for kermit gosnell denies there were any live birdss. he could face the death penalty if convicted. >> are we on the brink with north korea? are administration officials walking back their own intel reports? we'll ask the fox all-stars when we come back. these cool sliders. what's this one do? i dunno. the name's bear, fancy bear. score planner is free to everyone. free score applies with enrollment in fancy bear slider still in beta.
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3:39 pm
note jim jong un, thanks to you i'm going to keep enriching uranium. >> bret: secretary kerry in seoul today. as tensions rise but it seems like they do. let's bring in the panel, steve hayes, juan williams and charles krauthammer. steve, where are we today? what about secretary kerr have i is saying and doing over there, is anything happening? >> it's hard to know exactly what he is doing behind the scenes but public rhetoric sounds like the rhetoric have used about north korea diplomats going back almost two decades now. it's the same thing from the bush administration, particularly in the second term and it's consistent with what we've heard from the obama administration. this blustering rhetoric is unacceptable if north korea continues or launch a missile, they conduct another nuke test it will mean they are further
3:40 pm
isolated. if you are in north korea do you believe this. we haven't seen further isolation. we haven't seen any actions by the u.n. by the united states or by china. we haven't seen anything meaningful. i don't think the north koreans will be swayed much by what john kerry is saying in seoul. >> bret: scrambling going on around intelligence. it came after a colorado congressman read a question citing what he thought was unclassified information from the defense intelligence agency. he was asking a question. take a listen to this and response from the white house today. >> quoting from the unclassified portion which i believe has not yet been made public, they say, quote, dia assesses with moderate conference the north currently has nuclear weapons
3:41 pm
capable of delivery by ballistic missiles but the reliability will be low. >> obviously, the north koreans have tested nuclear weapons and they have developed some missile technology. what they have not done is demonstrate a capacity to or capability to deploy a nuclear armed missile, attach a warhead to a missile. >> bret: there is confusion whether it should be classified or not classified but the bottom line is new. what he read they had been able to put it on a warhead. now all day today, from kerry to the white house and all over the place they were saying, he hasn't been able to do it to deploy it. what is that all about? >> i was asking questions around town. the answer came back, it's not clear-cut because in fact they have, they believe, they have miniaturizes it.
3:42 pm
they believe they have the they don't know the capability but if they launch it it could explode on the launch pad. it could they get it in the air and explode over their own territory and they would have fallout on their own territory. you have to calculate the risk for this young leader in terms of embarrassing himself and making himself look foolish which would be a great sin given they are so paranoid in the first place and so conscious about being viewed as less than serious. that is why in talking to people in washington today, they don't think it is real. they don't think he would do it. does he have the capability is a separate issue. they seem to agree it's likely. >> i don't think the first launch, the problem with what could be what you were talking about, the first launch of a nuclear tipped missile in the history of mankind, that the problem is embarrassment. this is hair-raising stuff.
3:43 pm
i think it was not supposed to have been made public. if you look at the face of the chairman of joint chiefs, he wanted to be in chicago at that moment. this was not expected. what it tells you how little we know. in a way kind of looking back to iraq with this administration and democrats have been talking about, the bush administration lying about intelligence or tilting it, look how this administration is trying to undo any political implications of what clearly the defense intelligence administration that they actually have anatomic warhead on that missile. scary part is. obama has been assuring israelis you don't have to worry about iran because even if they have enriched uranium, marrying to it missile. we will know about it and we will preempt. now, they are saying with north
3:44 pm
korea, we may not even have any idea they have done this and we were assured important years there wasn't anything of that sort. that means there is no way we can trust our intelligence on how close iran is today. >> bret: that is the point that richard grenell is making. all the focus, look at the shiny thing over in north korea and iran is continuing whatever it is doing. >> yeah. i think charles is exactly right. that is one of the biggest problems here right now. the richard's comment was interesting. it certainly true that iran presents the greater threat. i would think you can down play the threat posed by north korea given the escalation and rhetoric, given what little we know about both the weapons and about kim jong un himself. there is so much we don't know. the south koreans thought they had a great window into leadership or visibility what
3:45 pm
was taking place and how decision-making process was unfolding. they don't even think they have that anymore. if we don't know this, if they don't know this, it's all such a gamble and so up to chance at this point it makes it a highly combustible situation. >> bret:ly say jay carney pushed back hard and white house is not taking any focus off of iran today when pressed on that. we'll be talking a lot more about north korea in days to come. next up, the friday lightning round. try running four.ning a restaurant is hard, fortunately we've got ink. it gives us 5x the rewards on our internet, phone charges and cable, plus at office supply stores. rewards we put right back into our business. this is the only thing we've ever wanted to do and ink helps us do it.
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>>. >> bret: every week viewers vote for your choice on online. this week, mitch mcconnell
3:49 pm
office bug. juan with 32% of the votes. take a listen. >> i had no intention for them to get in trouble. >> they directly admitted to you they tape-recorded senator mcconnell and campaign aides in those campaign headquarters. >> they told me they were there. they told me they were in the hallway and they have a recording. you can draw your own conclusions. >> bret: that is jacob conway and he came forward and been cooperating with the f.b.i. he has named this sean riley as one of the people who taped mitch mcconnell's aides talking about a strategy, political strategy. what about this story as it continues to get, well, kind of weird? charles? >> the conclusion i draw is that
3:50 pm
there is a alarming evidence of a crime here. kentucky is a one-party state meaning if one of the parties is recording something being said between them, he knows about it, it's legal. if neither does, it is illegal. the logic is, if your employee and you hired him and you are somehow in control of him, then you are responsible if he turns on you. if it is somebody outside who is not in the room, that is crime. it looks as if a crime occurred. i hope they go to jail if a crime occurred. >> bret: point out the political strategy was ashley judd and talking about mental treatment that she may have had in her past and how they might use that in political campaign should she choose to run. that ended up on mother jones the left magazine. >> correct. what is interesting to me, it's
3:51 pm
clearly a federal crime if you are bugging somebody a federal official's office. here is the situation that has been described as recently. these young people are at an open public event at the campaign headquarters. then, as they are leaving, go into the hallway and hear this meeting, private meeting to begin to take place and begin tape-recording in the hallway. if you are the defense counsel, what do you say? these people didn't exactly insinuate themselves illegally. they heard this. what was explained to me, if somebody is holding it, they knew they were up to no good. is eight crime then if you are in hallway to turn on your tape recorder? i'm not clear on that. >> bret: jacob conway the guy has altered his story from the beginning, talking to megyn kelly first and then talking to local affiliate. now, he is telling the
3:52 pm
louisville courier journal he might have been mistaken as naming sean really. story is evolving. >> yeah, the people that conducted this operation seemed like clowns. they seem total illicit clueless. this was botched. basically what we have is a recording showing no wrongdoing by mcconnell and his staff in a conversation about a non-candidate. this is nothing. i don't understand how this is journalism. the key part of the recording that was supposed to have been so damaging is a section in can it identified employees of mcconnell -- government employees, and strategizing on government time potentially. it was a mistranslation. the original translation was thanked them three times. in fact what they said, on their three times which is not damaging, it's exculpatory.
3:53 pm
it's such a nothing burger. i hope if they obtained it illegally i hope they get in trouble for it. >> bret: after sex scandal. we have a couple brewing here. mark sanford and we have anthony weiner running for mayor of new york. >> i think given what we know about the morays of the country at large and crisis of infidelity, it's not surprising to me that americans are forgiving when they have public officials who have been caught in one or another bad situations. >> i was surprised to hear from the special report pin-up women flock to see -- i will say, what strikes me here, america loves redemption story. there is a total void. we actually have a better shot
3:54 pm
than sanford, it's a great narrative, redemption, that is the only way to explain it. >> i don't want to hear about it after clinton and franks scandal and all of that in our history. i think it should be deprived stuff. the one person who does have a second act is david petraeus. >> bret: winners and losers. >> winners swrn obama budget is a sham and fraud, tax and spend but it's been spun and the media has swallowed all that it is a great on entitlements. the loser is a u.s. intelligence community which looks scary clueless and divided over an important. does the lunatic in pyongyang
3:55 pm
have a nuke and they have no idea. >> senators patted too many any and john manchin that broke the log a l jam on guns to allow a discussion. since we have a vote going, that could potentially be filibustered. the loser would be congressman greg walden that criticized the budget for having the chain cpi in it. that led several to say, hey, wait a second, that is something that republicans back. you shouldn't be putting down obama to put cuts on entitlements. >> the winners, the speaker of the florida house that refused significant political pressure to go along with governor scott's expansion of medicaid in florida and came up with an innovative and creative state fund program as an. loser is establishment media is so far behind on the scott story, they look foolish. they will be playing catch-up.
3:56 pm
i would say sub winners, kirsten powers and molly hemmingway that pushed the mainstream cover this story. >> bret: i think the winner may be the weather forecast. cbs and masters, it looks pretty good this weekend. >> stay tuned, it was safe to sit down and relax. describe thet time you met. you brought the flex in... as soon as i met fiona and i was describing the problem we were having with our rear brakes, she immediately triaged the situation, knew exactly what was wrong with it, the car was diagnosed properly, it was fixed correctly i have confidence knowing that if i take to ford it's going to be done correctly with the right parts and the right people. get a free brake inspection and brake pads installed for just 49.95 after rebates when you use the ford service credit card. did you tell him to say all of that? no, he's right though...
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-- prankings are fun yeharmless and they can go viral on the internet. there is a new one. a guy disguises himself as a chair in a coffee shop to see how that could be funny. >> some people are taking a break in a california coffee shop got a scare of a lifetime.


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